India and Bangladesh: Inland and Coastal Waterways Agreement

Why in the discussion?
On October 25, 2018, India and Bangladesh have made significant agreements regarding the expansion of inland and coastal waterways contacts between the two countries for trade and shipping of ships.
main point
  • Under the agreement between the two countries, Chattogram and Mongla docks in Bangladesh will be used to transport goods sent to India and to India.
  • Apart from this, a standard operating procedure (SOP) was also signed for the passenger’s commute and shipping services.
  • The coastal shipping routes and inland routes have been finalized for this process. There is a possibility that soon Shipping Journals will be started between Kolkata-Dhaka-Guwahati-Jorhat. 
  • It has also been agreed that a joint technical committee will study the technical feasibility of operating Dhulian-Rajshahi Protocol route up to Aricha.
  • Apart from this, the re-opening of the Jangipur Shipping Zone on Bhagirathi river will also be considered, which would be in line with the provisions of the treaty for sharing water of Ganga in Farakka between India and Bangladesh.
  • Both sides also agreed to the development of Jogighopa. Under this, Jogighopa is to be used as a terminal in relation to the movement of goods for Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Bhutan.
Importance of Bangladesh for India
Bangladesh is a significant neighbor of India and despite various ups and downs, Bangladesh has been relevant to India since its creation, for many reasons, which is primarily the following:
  • The geographical location of Bangladesh is such that it can reduce the dependence of India on ‘Siliguri corridor’ by providing a connective route to the mainland from India’s northeast states.
  • Bangladesh has an important role in shaping India’s ‘East East Policy’.
  • While Bangladesh is an important party in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal Motor Vehicle Accord (BBIN-MV), she is a key partner in regional cooperation agreements such as SAARC, BIMSTEC. Thus, there is a key ally in promoting regional peace and development. He can cooperate with India to counter China’s growing influence and fundamentalist powers in South Asia.
  • In terms of the security of Blue Economy and Maritime Domains, Bangladesh is also very important for India.
  • Why in the discussion?
    Recently, the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) awarded Gujarat ‘Best Agricultural State Award’. The award was given to Gujarat during the ’11th Global Agricultural Leadership Summit and Leadership Award – 2018 ‘organized in New Delhi.
    Gujarat’s initiative to improve farming
    • Gujarat has adopted several initiatives in spreading awareness of better agricultural system and its awareness. Some of these are major efforts-
    ♦ Agriculture Festival 
    ♦ Soil Health Card 
    ♦ Water Conservation 
    ♦ Micro Irrigation 
    ♦ Horticulture 
    ♦ Post Harvest Management 
    ♦ Dairy and Animal Husbandry
    • In addition, this state has also been successful in dealing with the threat of pink-ballwarm in the cotton crop (the state’s largest kharif crop).
    • In the last few years, Gujarat has initiated drone surveys for agriculture in addition to satellite imagery and GIM mapping.
    11th Global Agricultural Leadership Summit and Leadership Award – 2018
    • The 11th Global Agricultural Leadership Summit and Leadership Award was organized in New Delhi on 24-25 October, 2018. In this conference, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh received the Global Agricultural Leadership Award in the “Policy Leadership” category. 
    Objective of the conference
    • Discuss the model for national and global marketing scenario and success for providing best marketing models and contacts to Indian farmers through policy reforms and collaborative efforts.
    • Marketing issues and challenges faced by farmers at India and global level such as access to trade and marketing, issue of equity and discussion on emerging trends in agricultural prices and supply chains.
    • Discuss this issue by discussing policy, trade and market approaches for agriculture at the national and global level, creating opportunity for farmers through agricultural start-up and farming organizations.
    • To help farmers with better marketing options, discuss the role of states, industries and institutions to promote FPO, agricultural business, start-up enterprises and value chain development.
    • Discussing the need for collective action through issues of climate change and food security, partnership, and the need for increasing the private sector’s role to increase the income of farmers in the market.
    Agricultural Leadership Award, 2018
    • This award is given to solve the problems of farmers and improve their lives and contribute to the development of agriculture. 
    • The Global Agricultural Leadership Award was made in the year 2008, through this award, the people who work for empowerment of the farmers are honored.
    • The winner of this award was selected by the great agricultural scientist M.S. The jury headed by Swaminathan is done.

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